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Don't go it alone. We're the best in the business! Our professional sales staff is always friendly, knowledgeable, and affordable--and waiting to help you today!

Find out what your friends and neighbors are saying about us with our letters of recommendation from our long list of satisfied clients!

We have decades of real world sales experience and knowledge to match.

Our friendly and compassionate staff will arrive with our equipment like tables, cash registers, professional pricing guns, floor covering and or shoe covers (if required) to protect your home or business interior floors from foot traffic. Next, we begin the sorting process, organize household goods, clean and polish your items in order to display everything for sale in an inviting customer friendly manor. We take great care in protecting your valuables from breakage during the sale and keep small items in locked cases to virtually eliminate any possibility of theft during the sale. We are very experienced and know exactly what we are doing from years of experience so have no doubt, we work for you and we will protect your interests!

When it comes to pricing your goods we are experts in realistic current market prices and because market prices are constantly changing, let us do the research and work for you and rest assured it will be done correct the first time.  We take great care in researching family heirlooms, antiques, vehicles, boats and anything of value you need sold promptly for the highest possible prices.  We can also discuss the minimum our clients are willing the accept on large ticket items like vehicles or expensive art works so you do not have to worry about selling something for less than you wanted.

Typically, the actual public sale days occur on Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday all items are offered at full price and then Sunday is the day remaining goods priced $49.00 or less are reduced to 50% off to get the most cash for our clients.  Items priced $50.00 or higher are available for customers either purchase at full price on Sunday or they may take a chance and place a sealed bid offer into a bid box and after the sale ends on Sunday, we review all bids and typically the highest bidder on the item is then contacted by phone and arrangements are made with the buyer to come and pay for their winning bid and pick up their item at that time.  All sealed bid offers on goods priced $50.00 or higher must be at least 50% of the original price to be considered.

We always place warning signs in locations with low head room like entrances leading to basement locations and on areas with steep steps in an effort to keep the sale safe for the customers and our clients before, during and after the sale.

After the sale, our work is not done yet.  We then proceed to review unsold items and work closely with our clients to make the best choices for what to do with any remaining items such as making a tax deductible donation of certain items for our clients and other items can optionally be offered for sale through other sales channels in bulk depending on our client's directions.  Clean up includes basic clean up like vacuuming, wiping counter areas, sweeping indoor and garage floors and we also offer optional deep cleaning services to meet your needs at very reasonable rates. 

Let us do the hard work for you so you can concentrate on other important tasks like moving preparation, estate legal work or maybe a vacation with friends or family!

Whatever your estate needs, Arrowhead Estate Services and Brokers is always at your service and ready to help you!  We appreciate your continued support!


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